If you go down to the woods today…

My "well cool" family.

My “well cool” family.

Route Information

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 45 minutes

Grade: Easy

“Do you fancy a road trip?” Mum said. “Alright then!” I responded via a waggy tail and full body shaking. So I jumped into the car and off we went to visit the Aylesbury contingency of the family. There is always a chance of a treat at my human Grandparents, plus Grandad plays football with me.  A walk at Wendover Woods was suggested after a spot of lunch.

Wendover Woods is situated in the heart of the Chilterns, offering beautiful views and a range of activities from walking trails, orienteering to watching your humans being silly pretending to be apes at the high wire adventure course “Go Ape”.  We walked the Boddington Hill Fort trail. I read the information board to get my bearings for this circular scamper to make sure I lead the humans the right way round.

Route planning.

Route planning.

The route follows the site of an old iron age hill fort.  As we followed the well marked path, I noted there was not much left of the fort, but the banks of the fort were well preserved in places.  Whilst I left a present for Mum, I realised I was at the view point – there were some pawsome views across the Aylesbury Vale from the highest point of the Chilterns.

Views across Aylesbury Vale.

Views across Aylesbury Vale.

Bluebells surround the old fort.

Bluebells surround the old fort.

After we all admired the view, we carried on with our walk.  It was great running in and out the flourishing Bluebells and chasing sticks thrown by Aunty Danielle. As we were nearing the end of the walk and I don’t know why I did it, but I got a sudden urge to roll around in a big muddy puddle. Mum did not seem too impressed, so I thought I better lead her to the “Café in the woods” to sweeten her up.  The café provides water bowls for us thirsty dogs, but your humans can also get a variety of locally sourced food and drink from here – after all your humans deserve a treat too!

Mucky Pup!

Mucky Pup!

Resources to check out:

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Ruby x


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