50 things every dog should do


Here is a list of 50 things I think every dog should do and experience!

  1. Swim in the sea.
  2. Bag a mountain.
  3. Jump in the snow.
  4. Chase cats in your sleep.
  5. Go for a run with your human.
  6. Roll around in a muddy puddle.
  7. Chew up your humans shoes.
  8. Play hide and seek.
  9. Dig a hole in the garden.
  10. Play football in the park.
  11. Try a homemade liver cake.
  12. Go on a road trip.
  13. Unwrap a birthday present.
  14. Go on a doggy play date.
  15. Cuddles with your owner.
  16. Learn a trick.
  17. Stay in doggy friendly accommodation.
  18. Chase sticks.
  19. Play fetch.
  20. Receive a Christmas card.
  21. Eat an ice lolly.
  22. Go to work with your human.
  23. Have your own social media page.
  24. Be in a family portrait.
  25. Have a shower and get dirty five minutes later.
  26. Chase birds.
  27. Catch a Frisbee at the beach.
  28. Snooze on a rug in front of a log fire.
  29. Try doga – yoga with your dogs!
  30. Attend a Country show.
  31. Be a pet treat test taster.
  32. Go to doggy school.
  33. Go camping.
  34. Dress up in a silly costume.
  35. Volunteer for charity.
  36. Be an aspiring Van Gogh – paint a master piece!
  37. Keep your human company at the pub.
  38. Visit a pet store.
  39. Run around in the rain.
  40. Explore a cave.
  41. Go on a twilight walk.
  42. Play tug of war.
  43. Chase jets of water from a hose.
  44. Eat a cooked steak – special occasions of course!
  45. Chase bubbles.
  46. Enjoy a lazy afternoon on the couch.
  47. Attend a family picnic.
  48. Run through the woods.
  49. Solve a doggy puzzle.
  50. Play rough and tumble with your human.

Enjoy and leave a comment to share your experiences. What would you add to the list? I would love to hear your thoughts!

*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog X


2 thoughts on “50 things every dog should do

  1. Tin Box Traveller

    Tin Box Dog has done 35 of these. She’s also had a sleep over with her Grandpaws, met a cat and been nice, and chased pooh sticks under the actual Pooh Bridge 🙂 Every day is an adventure!

  2. LabHuMum

    Thinking of taking my Lab on a ferry trip in a cabin that doggies can sleep in so she’s with us for the journey, and on a short train ride. Just for the new experiences.

    She likes picnics and if she sees a family having one on the green, she’ll go and sit with them and pretend to be their dog, in the hope of a sandwich or two. it hasn’t worked yet, though.


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