Top tips for keeping dogs cool in the Summer

Hot Summer days can be deadly to us dogs, early signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, salivating, dark red gums, anxious behaviour, sickness and in severe cases collapse, shock and convulsions.  Here are some tips to keep you fellow dogs cool during the Summer period.

Paddling in the pool.

Warm weather tips

  • Never leave a dog alone in a car.
  • Fill a paddling pool with water in your garden for your dog to splash around in.
  • Avoid walking your dogs between 11am-3pm, as they could easily overheat. The pads on dogs paws are one of the most sensitive parts of their body, which can easily be burned by the pavements heating up during the warmest part of the day. I prefer to stay in the shade if I can.
  • Make sure there is plenty of water available to drink.
  • Play with the hose in the garden – I love a good soaking and it is so much fun chasing water!

This blog was prompted after my Vet advised to take care during the heatwave, as a lot of dogs have been coming in suffering with heat stroke. With that in mind I put a twoof out on Twitter asking my fellow Twitter friends, what were their top tips for keeping dogs cool? They did not disappoint!

Cooling off tips from fellow twoofs

  • Ice cream! Well timed walkies. Dog friendly fruit & veg nice chilled – @Lurcher_Moo
  • Tin Box Dog loves a dip in the sea and plenty of water in her bowl 🙂 – @TinBoxTraveller
  • Water splashings, don’t know about cool coats but some twoofs like them – @kathy_farnboro
  • Really hot last sat & @Dougal_the_Lab was super cool under his #Coolcoat mine is on order – #watchthisspace – @olive_blacklab
  • I love my Cool Coat, it’s fab, had it on again today! I also like frozen Kongs too! – @Dougal_the_Lab
  • “Keeping dogs cool in the Summer – what are your top tips?” Our dog dudley the #pug has a “pugling” pool – @pete0111
  • Mom tried a pool with me, but I hate water. I do have a cooling gel bandanna! I also love AC – @ArtemisTheMutt
  • I like to wrap Patchie the greyhound in towels soaked in cool water – @phodographeruk

Thanks to my fellow contributors! Please leave a comment if you have any more tips you would like to add!

Until next time, stay cool!

*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog x


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