8 things to do with your dog when it is raining

I only did this for a treat!

I only did this for a treat!

Don’t let the rain stop you from having fun! Here is a list of things your humans and you can do to pass those rainy days by!

  1. Have a game of hide and seek.
  2. Play tug of war.
  3. Go on a doggy play date.
  4. Fill up a kong with treats.
  5. Get you human to bake some dog treats and then you can eat them!
  6. Teach your dog a new trick.
  7. Set up an indoor obstacle assault course.
  8. Get equipped – go and face the elements! As I remember on a shop front in Keswick “No such thing as bad weather… only wrong clothing!”

What other rainy day things would you add to the list? Let me know by leaving a comment below or twoof me @rubys_rambles on Twitter.

Animal Tales Badge Final

*waggy tail*

Ruby x


8 thoughts on “8 things to do with your dog when it is raining

  1. Dean B

    Great tips! Although we’re lucky with Doc, while he’s a very excitable dog, when it’s raining outside he seems content to just sit near my feet when I’m busy on my laptop, reading or even just watching tv 🙂 #animaltales.

  2. ersatzexpat

    You look very smart Ruby? We get a lot of rain here and our two doggie daughters tend to refuse to leave the house when it is pouring.

  3. Suzanne J S (@chickenruby)

    lol, we dod the same here, but because it’s too hot outside, I think Bob has forgotten what rain is. we have a long corridor from the front door to the bedrooms (we live in a villa/bungalow) so we often play ball inside the house when hubby is at work

  4. lisaslife1970

    That’s a good list Ruby. Stella has a raincoat as she has arthritis but mostly she likes to play with her indoor toys when the weather is horrid. Plus the treat things…always the treat things! #animaltales 🙂


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