Dealing with Humans

Are you in need of learning some essential tips for dealing with your humans? If you are having difficulties with your humans, maybe Ruby dog can help… here is my advice on some common problems and some words of wisdom to put your humans in their place.

  • Next time your human pretends to throw the ball (when really they still have it in their hand), I recommend you pull the “don’t lie to me you stupid human” face.
  • If you are made to look silly, simply poke out your tongue to show your dissatisfaction and demonstrate that you are not impressed. I would use this look when made to wear clothes.

I do not wish to have my photo taken!

  •  When you are caught by your human, doing something you should not be doing, like chewing the furniture, then you need to pawfect the puppy dog eye look. I find this works best if you tilt your head ever so slightly and give your best innocent face. I guarantee this works approximately 99% of the time.
  • If a human uses or takes one of your possessions, then in this situation you need to use the “giving evils” look. Remember what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine!
There is a human in my bed!

There is a human in my bed!

  • Sometimes you may have to practice the “talk to the paw, because the face isn’t listening!” Use this wisely though, as you never know when they may have a treat in their hand!
  • If you really want to annoy your humans, I suggest the best place to lie down is in the middle of the kitchen. The bonus for you is that you can practice the side eye look, to monitor the current situation and decide if it is worth your while to put the time and effort into moving, for example, going for any dropped food.

I’ve shared this with Eco-Gites of Lenault Animal Tales linky.

Animal Tales Badge Final

I would love to hear how you deal with your humans – let’s bark about it! Leave me a comment on the blog or twoof me @rubys_rambles on Twitter.

*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog x


8 thoughts on “Dealing with Humans

  1. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    You’ve been talking to Saari haven’t you? That dog knows EXACTLY where to lay to be the most in the way and looks so affronted when I suggest she heads back to her bed!

    Thank you for adding these tips to #AnimalTales but I am sure there are some dog owners who may be less than pleased of their canine friends read them!

  2. kidGLloves (@kidGLloves)

    Ash the Dog says – Ruby – you are definitely a paw-some doggie after my own heart. What splendid hints and tips. I often find that to keep them in order, that it helps to sit on the TV controls, especially when they’re watching something really interesting. The TV channel changes itself and you should see the look of panic in their eyes!! We’d love to interview you over at Dogged Determination. If you get your humans to contact us at kidglloves@gmailcom we’ll have a chat!! #animaltales

    1. rubysrambles Post author

      Sitting on the tv controls! *Ruby barks with laughter* Great tip! I loved to be interviewed! I will ask my secretary to get in contact!

  3. Diane

    Hi there, Dagny here (my mom let me use her computer). I love your tip in pink up there about when to do when you get caught doing something bad. I get caught all the time and just pretend I didn’t know any better. I usually wag my tail too and my mom thinks it’s too cute and she doesn’t yell at me. I just do a “dumb face” and wag my tail when I jump on the table or steal toilet paper rolls and stuff like that. Works every time!

  4. mrshall2b

    Yes, Yes, Yes totally! I fostered a staffy for a while ( and my parents had 5 dogs) and all of them would lie in the middle of the floor, or follow you around and when you go to turn around you bump into a dog!


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