Learn a lesson from your dog

If you are as lucky as me, then your human takes time and pride in training you in all things dog. BUT there might be a few things us dogs can teach you humans about life.  This is a special guest post from my human, Michelle. Over to you Michelle…


Simple pleasures in life – Michelle throwing stones in the sea for me!

Thanks Rubes!

Have you ever thought about how a dog finds every day life exciting? I can be cheered on by Ruby’s enthusiasm for the simple pleasures in life. She can’t wait to go for a walk, go swimming, play with her ball, chase sticks, eat, see you come home or chill out until the next great activity. When we are happy, we spread positivity to everyone around us.

Dogs do not care if we are rich or poor. Just like us humans, all they want is food, a roof over their heads and love. They do not care if your hair is a mess or you have put on a few pounds! You will go through life together, your dog will be your pal no matter what.

Ruby inspires me. Why? She shows me how to be a better person. There is no worrying about what could have been or fretting about the future. Ruby lives in the moment – right here, right now and on her walk just about sniffs everything! On-going stress can be bad for your health, why not take time to find ways to destress – enjoy that dog walk (try being mindful and present).

Have you ever stepped on your dogs tail or got home from work late and skipped taking them for a walk? I have been guilty of this, but Ruby does not stay mad or hold a grudge. Maybe our human relationships would improve, if we were quicker to forgive.

Dogs know when you feel a bit down or depressed and what do they do? They sit by you or rest their head on you. They are just there – a paw to cry on.

So if you ever feel a bit blue or things are not quite going the right way, maybe it is time to learn a lesson from your dog:

no matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that shit and move on.

I don’t think my human could put it anymore bluntly than that! I hope you humans can learn some life lessons from us dogs!  I would love to hear what you think about my blog – leave me a comment on the blog, like me on facebook follow me on bloglovin’ or twoof me @rubys_rambles on Twitter.

*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog X


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