A Ruby’s Rambles announcement…

Baby Judd

That’s right I am going to be a big sister! I am getting a pet human – Baby Judd is due on the 7th October 2015 and we are all very excited by our baby news! I am looking forward to my new impawtant role, it also means there will be someone else to blame the bad smell on! HuMum is currently 14 weeks pregnant – she has gone off quite a bit of food, but she loves the cake and thinks she will probably look like a hippo towards the end!

Animal Tales Badge Final

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*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog X


3 thoughts on “A Ruby’s Rambles announcement…

  1. chickenruby

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, we only had caged pets when our kids were little, only getting a dog and cat within the last 2-3 years as our children were teenagers

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