To all the Dog Father’s…

Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day comes around once a year and in dognition of all the Dog Father’s, here are 5 reasons why us dogs have a special bond with our human Dads:

  1. We get to play ruff n tumble and have plenty of fun!
  2. HuDads and treats are the most impawtant things in our lives, although not necessarily in that order.
  3. Thanks for taking us on long walks and adventures galore.
  4. You let us lick your hands, or even lick your face – despite the fact that we may have licked ourselves in every private place.
  5. It’s okay that you blame your farts on us sometimes…


To my very own Dog Father: I’m so lucky because you’re my HuDad and best friend. You really are top dog Dad!

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*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog X


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