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My walk in Tweets – Hill Head beach

I took the Humans to one of my favourite beaches at Hill Head – here is my walk in Tweets: 

Ruby Dog @rubys_rambles  

  • My driver is taking me on a trip to the beach at Hill Head #walkies
  • Just gone by a white horse with tinsel around its neck – must be Santa Paws horse!
  • We have arrived at the beach, parking up at Salterns car park, Hill Head – get me out of this car! #excited
  • Such a beautiful day for zoomies!

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  • Perfect conditions for splashings! #rubysrambles
  • Time to get ready to chase the ball! #walkies

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  • Impressive work by a Jack Russel! #respect

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  • Time to go home now! #embarassing photo

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*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog x