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A dog called… Misty (also known as Tin Box Dog)

This months Ruby’s Rambles spotlight is a dog called… Misty, also known as Tin Box Dog!  Tin Box Dogs owner Claire Hall, is the human behind the blog Tin Box Traveller – a second generation caravanner blogging about travels with a husband, dog and terror tot.

A dog called Misty

Name: Misty aka Tin Box Dog
Age: 3 and 3/4
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Eye colour: Brown
Location: Hampshire mainly, but I often travel to other places in our caravan to seek out good sniffs

Who do you look up to?
“As the shortest member of my pack I strain my neck to look up to everyone – including the hairless puppy they call Tin Box Tot. However, if you’re talking about the human who I admire the most, that would have to be my HuDad. He can throw my ball really far!”

Do have any special skills or responsibilities?
“I am really good at spinning and twirling for treats. I’m also in charge of supervising meal times and picking up any food that the humans drop on the floor.”

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
“I once licked the icing off of my Grandpaw’s birthday cake. I got in big trouble for that, but it was worth it – yum!”

Have you ever done anything heroic and what was it?
“Yes, I rescue sticks from the sea all the time.”

Where is your favourite place to ramble?
“As a travelling dog I have lots of favourite places to go. I’ve visited the New Forest a lot, climbed mountains in the Lake District and been for long walks in the Peak District. But my favourite place in the whole world is the beach. There’s lots of good sniffs, I always meet plenty of friends and I love to swim. My toes are webbed, don’t you know!”

What do you do that always gets your humans laughing?
“When I’m excited I like to run around the dining room table really fast. Everyone laughs and then I feel a little silly so I lick their faces!”

Thanks for talking to me Misty! It has been pawsome!  Pop over to the Tin Box Traveller blog or follow @TinBoxTraveller  on Twitter to keep up to date with Misty and her Tin Box family adventures!

A dog called

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*waggy tail*

Ruby Dog X