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To all the Dog Father’s…

Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day comes around once a year and in dognition of all the Dog Father’s, here are 5 reasons why us dogs have a special bond with our human Dads:

  1. We get to play ruff n tumble and have plenty of fun!
  2. HuDads and treats are the most impawtant things in our lives, although not necessarily in that order.
  3. Thanks for taking us on long walks and adventures galore.
  4. You let us lick your hands, or even lick your face – despite the fact that we may have licked ourselves in every private place.
  5. It’s okay that you blame your farts on us sometimes…


To my very own Dog Father: I’m so lucky because you’re my HuDad and best friend. You really are top dog Dad!

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8 essential items for mountain adventure dogs

8 essential items for mountain adventure dogs

Gearing up for a mountain trip soon? I am! The humans are busy planning for our next adventure.  Here are 8 essential items to take or consider for your dog on a day out in the mountains or even just a ramble:

  1. Collapsible water bowl – easy to carry in a human back pack, but I find this ideal for journeys, walks and camping.
  2. Water – don’t forget to take your own bottles of water. It’s thirsty work going up mountains on four paws!
  3. Harness – the human particularly finds this useful for hauling me up on steep sections.
  4. Poop bags –  take plenty of poop bags and always clear up after your dog. Remember there are no dog poo fairies!
  5. Supervision – always know where your dog is. Put a lead on your dog if you are near livestock or near steep drops.
  6. High visibility dog collar – pawfect for being seen, when out and about in the dark.
  7. Treats – of course I would have this as a number one priority, but vital to keep those energy levels up and for a reward when reaching the summit!
  8. Old towel – worth keeping in the back of the car, so you can dry your dog off if need be.

Read more advice for walking your dogs in the mountains by the BMC here.

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Blowy walk on the beach


There is nothing better than going for a salty, blowy, Sunday walk along the beach with my mates.  Ensuring the humans were wrapped up warm, the dog mob ventured off to explore the musings of West Wittering beach. West Wittering is a sandy beach (so it’s easy on the paws) and has some great views across Chichester Harbour. This was an exciting Tweet up, as it was the first time my humans and I got to meet my fellow Twoofs! It would be easy to spend a whole day here at West Wittering!

Activities for your pooch at West Wittering beach:

  • Swimming and splashing in the sea
Synchronized splashing.

Synchronized splashing.

Bella and Woody enjoying the chasings and splashings!

Bella and Woody enjoying the chasing and splashing!

  • Digging
Our expert digger Woody!

Our expert digger Woody!

  • Mischief planning
Dougal and Woody trespassing!

Dougal and Woody trespassing!

  • Rough n tumble
Bella and Olive playing.

Bella and Olive playing.

  • Or watch the world go by…
Little Snowy!

Little Snowy!

It is a fabulous place to go for a dog walk! Honey and Stanley enjoyed playing hide and seek with their human. Dougal’s HuDad had a handful keeping me and Dougal entertained with the ball. We got the Black Dog Bakery treats from Dougal’s HuMum, which are an absolute delight! Met Bella’s HuSister, who was super cute and very well-behaved! Olives Debbie Mum made us feel very welcome! I sniggered when Nero shook himself dry and got my human’s wet! I hope I get to meet up with my mates very soon!

Left to right: Woody, Bella, Olive, Honey, Stanley, Snowy, Nero, Dougal and me Ruby dog!

Left to right: Woody, Bella, Olive, Honey, Stanley, Snowy, Nero, Dougal and me Ruby dog!

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I’m the dog of the Castle…

Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle

Route Information

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 1 hour

Grade: Easy

Archer’s ready, trebuchet armed and ready to go – let the adventure begin… Portchester Castle is a Medieval Castle built within a former Roman Fort in Hampshire. The humans parked at the car park on the left (just before reaching the Castle gates).

Our mission:

 “rescue the Princess of Portchester imprisoned in the Keep guarded by the dragon.”

From the car park, we headed left and followed the sea wall path around the Castle, offering some superb views of Portsmouth Harbour. It is rumoured that the ghost of a monk dressed in a black robe and hood has been seen walking around the outside of the castle walls. The apparition will fade away into the distance when he is seen. Go easy as you pass the tower – you do not want to wake the Dragon! Once we reached the moat, I galloped on by taking the path down to a shingle beach – here I enjoyed splashing and swimming in the sea. HuDad was jesting about by throwing pebbles, instead of my ball into the sea for me to chase after. HuMum was left to look after my ball, which she obviously could not be trusted with, as some other dog “borrowed” it. I am sure she works undercover for The Black Knight!

Portchester Castle sea wall path.

Onward with our quest – Portchester Castle sea wall path.

Turning right up a slipway into Hospital Lane (best to have your lead on from this point), we continued our quest by heading up the road until it joined Castle Street and then headed back towards Portchester Castle ready to begin our attack.  The Castle is run by English Heritage and dogs on leads are welcome here in the Outer Bailey, but are not allowed in the Inner Bailey or Keep. I also had no gold coins on me to bribe the gate house keeper – sorry Princess no saving you today!


I’m the dog of the castle…

The Outer Bailey, which contains a moat is a great area for families to picnic and chivalrous activities for little Knight’s in the making.  There is a gift shop, which sells a small selection of drinks and snacks. Also a doggy bar by the car park toilets.

Human putting her bag down – Any chance of a treat?

No treat then.

No treat then.

This little adventure took us about an hour by the time we had a walk and a sniff about. A great little route, but it will take a braver dog than me to rescue the Princess from the Keep! Have you walked this route? Do you have any suggestions for walks in Hampshire? Feel free to leave me a comment on the blog.

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Ruby Dog x



“…I began a life long love affair with a pile of rock”

Coniston Old Man

The Old Man of Coniston

“…I began a life long love affair with a pile of rock.”

Edward Abbey

I have “bagged” a few mountains, as they say. It is one of my most favourite things being out in the fresh air, sniffing here and there! There is always a guarantee of a treat for me at the summit! Here is my list of those mountains bagged so far…

  1. Snowdon – Wales.
  2. Moel Hebog – Wales.
  3. Red Screes – England.
  4. Catbells – England.
  5. Skelgill Bank – England.
  6. The Old Man of Coniston – England.
  7. Brim Fell – England.
  8. Pen y Fan – Wales.
  9. Corn Du – Wales.
  10. Cribyn – Wales.
  11. Fan y Big – Wales.

I would love to hear what your favourite mountain is to walk up – let me know by leaving a comment on my blog or twoof me @rubys_rambles on Twitter.

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Ball thief or Super Hero?

Running & sniffing around Forest of Bere with my human.

Running & sniffing around Forest of Bere with my human.


I was at the Forest of Bere last week and I was running about, enjoying my walk. I then got on to a sniffing trail, it led me to uncover a pink and yellow tennis ball. I brought this to my human, rather excitedly pleased with myself and she called me a “ball thief”! Do I look like a ball thief to you? Has this situation happened to you? Take my poll below and I will let you know the result of your views about this important dog issue in one weeks time!  Am I a ball thief or a super hero?


Voting now closed 09/09/2014.


100% Super Hero – I knew it!

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Ruby Dog x

Lake District – Rydal


Route Information

Distance: 2.5 miles

Time: 2 hours

Grade: Medium

This is a great circular walk, with breath taking scenery across Rydal, a stunning cave and plenty of water –  a real treat for water loving dogs!

My humans parked at the pay and display White Moss car park (A591 from Ambleside – located on the left hand side of the road). Heading to the furthest end of the car park, we took the main path with the river running to the left of us. HuMum let me off the lead from here. The humans walked over the wooden bridge on the left, but I decided to paddle across the river. I sniffed out a trail via the woods and went through the kissing gate. Walking up hill, we come to a fork in the path.


The lower Rydal water shore path.

There are two paths that run left to the lake – one lower path close to the lake shore, the other taking the higher ground. We chose the higher path overlooking the valley, which took us to some awe-inspiring caves.


Rydal “Cathedral” cave.

The National Trust have put a barrier up with a safety warning, but most people ignore this (don’t say I told you – you enter at your own risk!). I chose to swim into the cave, also nicknamed the “Cathedral”, the Humans did not want to get wet, so took the stepping stone route.


Swimming in Rydal cave.


Stepping stones from the cave.

There is also a second smaller cave just along the path.  The caves were once slate quarries, providing roofing tiles to the local area.

From the caves we followed the track down hill, making our descent to Rydal Water. As we got closer to the lake, some fellow humans were commenting about my nice coat and that I looked very slim, compared to their Labrador. Just as HuMum was telling them “Ruby adores swimming in the water”,  I was gone and in the lake before she even finished her sentence!


Wild swimming in Rydal water.


The Rydal water monster!

I loved the water, running in and out, splashing and swimming! The views were just breath taking.


Chillin’ out lake side style!

You can take the lower path, with the lake on your right back to the White Moss car park from where the walk is started. However, on this occasion we had to retrace our steps, as the lower path was closed for some essential maintenance.

I really want to come back to this area again. I have already been thinking about a walkies itinerary for the humans – you can take a path up to Loughrigg Fell (one of the Wainwright’s) and on the other side of Rydal water is the “Coffin” route – sounds freaky!

Have you walked this route? Do you have any suggestions for walks in the Lake District – feel free to leave me a comment on the blog below.

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