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A dog called… Merryck

This months special guest is a dog called… Merryck. Merryck lives with his humans at Spillers Farm in a little village called Musbury, near Axminster in East Devon. Spillers Farm B&B is a working small holding, also containing a holiday cottage and a small intimate caravan area with electric hook up – Merryck is Spillers Farms very own meeter and greeter!

a dog called Merryck

Name: Merryck
Age: 12 on 6th March
Breed: Golden Retriever
Eye colour: Da most gawgus dark brown/black
Location: Spillers Farm, Musbury, Devon, EX13 8AJ – pawsome dog paradise!

Who do you look up to?
“me finks dat dogs who dus help der owners or works as ferapy dogs is amazing. Me is in awe of dem, dogs like @cassie_spaniel and @guidedogbliss.  Dogs like dat is my heros *blushes* sowwy ladies – heroines”

Do have any special skills or responsibilities?
“I is da Meeter and Greeter for B&B guets at Spillerrs Farm. Me dus say hellos to da guests and takes dem for walks, show dem round da farm (I shows dem da most interesting places to sniff, but da short-nose hoomins often dusn’t get dat) and takes dem for walks and swims round da lake. My work makes Spillers Farm speshul. I gets mentioned in a lot of our TripAdvisor reviews.”

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
“I breaks da cat flap for a hobby! I broked it three times last year. Eventually TOP (The Old Pair – my hoomins) got me a dog flap. I broked dat too.”

Have you ever done anything heroic and what was it?
“Errr nope. Me a bit of a scaredy cat. Me leaves da heroics to ovur furs.”

Where is your favourite place to ramble?
“Me finks da best place in da world to go is Spillers Farm lake. Me prefers to swim dan ramble.”

What do you do that always gets your humans laughing?
“Check out me picture of me wearing a ball I had just broked. Guaranteed to make youz laff. It gets TOP laffing evfury time!”

Today I is wearing my ball!

Today I is wearing my ball!

Thanks for talking to me Merryck! It has been pawsome!  I can’t wait to visit Spillers Farm one day and meet Merrycks anipals! Pictures provided courtesy of Bridget and Keith Trayling – Spillers Farm.  Check out Spillers Farm website or follow @MerrckDog or @spillersfarm on Twitter to keep up to date with Merryck and his humans.

A dog called

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*waggy tail*

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